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Cestus® was created in 2010 after decades of feedback from glove users and seeing firsthand the design flaws of other gloves. Thanks to over 30 years of experience in gloves and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by our management team, Cestus® has been providing top-quality hand protection ready for field action. After re-defining impact hand protection in the oil and gas industry with our Deep Grip®, Cestus® has been making waves in multiple other job fields including mining, welding, extrication, general utility, and more. As our gloves hit work sites across the globe, more working hands are choosing Cestus® for providing tough, ergonomic, comfortable gloves that don’t sacrifice functionality. Cestus® was named after the ancient Roman battle glove adorned by gladiators in combat and is proud to provide gladiator-tough gloves for working warriors today. At Cestus® we take pride in the durability and overall quality of our gloves. We designed our gloves to be washable to extend the lifespan. Washing your gloves remove dirt, grime, and oil that affects the functionality. To wash your Cestus®gloves: 1. Keep the gloves on your hands and wash in a sink. 2. Apply non-bleach soap or detergent to the palm of the gloves. 3. Rub hands together with gloves on as you would when washing your hands. 4. In warm water rinse the gloves until the soap is gone. If needed, repeat the wash if the gloves are not as clean as you’d like. 5. To dry, hang gloves open ended at the bottom and let air dry. Do not dry in a machine dryer.